When you perform an online application with us, we will securely connect the information from your bank account to determine how much you qualify for.

Simply click here to apply online! Our simple application requests information from your personal details and that of your business to the reason and need for financing. Please contact one of our professional consultants by visiting our Contact Us page for more assistance.

You can complete your online application with BizGrow Capital online in a mere 10 minutes. Only once your online application is captured by us will you receive a phone call and a conformation email in approximately 24 to 48 hours.

To streamline the application process and provide our customers with fast and simple solutions, we only request a minimal number of documents. These Include:

  • Authorized, dated and signed business contact documentation.
  • An identity photograph that is government issued.
  • A Voided Check to verify personal details.

  • We will notify our applicants concerning additional documents for large funding requirements.

    The documentation requested by the BizGrow Capital Community must be clear, signed and dated. The photograph requested by be clear and conform to government standards for identity documentation. Submit all relevant documentation together.

    Will This Application Process Influence My Credit Rating?
    No, the process and chosen funding option will not affect your credit score. This process will only be indicated on your report as a credit inquiry.

    We acknowledge that some businesses may have no credit history and others may not have a desirable credit rating. We welcome all businesses wo apply for credit as we assess various factors in funding solutions and approval.

    Using the void check issued to us in the application process, we will obtain your business bank account details and your loan repayments deducted on an automatic basis helping you keep up to date of your monthly repayments. Our Customer Service Standards

    Simply call us on (TELEPHONE) and speak to one of our professional consultants who will help you with your BizGrow Capital account requirements. Alternatively, you can login to your account and send us a message through the customer support portal. We will respond to your queries in 24 to 48 hours.

    Simply log into your account using your log in details to access the customer portal! Click the link, Forgot Password if you cannot remember your password. For any other problems concerning your log in and customer portal requirements, please contact us at our customer support.


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