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Business Loans

BizGrow Capital connects all SMBs to reputable lenders offering fast, versatile and effective funding solutions. Learn of various business loans and what each of these mean for your professional financial needs and interests.

The unsecured business loan is a type of professional financing offering borrowers’ flexibility in that you do not have to present collateral for loan approval, terms from 1- 5 years.

This is because it reduces risk associated with losing your assets and valuables in the event of defaulting on your loan repayments. A conventional loan may request assets to be placed on the line serving as financial security should you default on the loan payment. Assets can include finances, vehicles, property and more.

  • Your unsecured business loan eliminates asset risk.
  • Fast approval process, same day or couple days.
  • It is most beneficial for businesses with few assets or collateral to put up as security.
  • Helps to build commercial credit history.

The small business loan is a financial agreement within which the lender issues a borrowed sum of money to the client or business.

These funds act as a form of working capital in which the business can use these funds for the advancement of the company. A regular business loan may require a form of collateral to receive the loan.

The issuing of a business loan is dependent on available collateral, credit history, financial performance and custom loan criteria. While not all businesses may qualify for a traditional business loan, there are many alternative funding solutions to help you get to where you need to be.

Working Capital

Does your business need to manage large volumes of cash daily to deliver its quality services? Then lines of working capital are just for you!

Businesses often require short term financial solutions in support of working capital requirements. Flexible working capital is a line of credit made available to businesses with high volume of daily expenses or relies on a large cash flow.

It is a loan that is incorporated to supplement the business’s current line of credit. Such funds must be repaid in full including interest, typically within 1-5 years.

  • It is a loan that is incorporated to supplement the business’s current line of credit. Such funds must be repaid in full including interest, typically within 1-5 years.
  • A higher credit score and longer period in operation supports easier access to flexible lines of credit.

Invoice factoring is another form of working capital providing an efficient and effective way for businesses to manage its daily costs.

Accounts Receivable Financing

Commonly termed debt factoring, Invoice Factoring involves the sale of unpaid invoices to a lender who will then proceed to collect on these invoices for itself.

Invoice factoring is a flexible line of working capital for the business that wishes to free up finances for its daily operations. The lender responsible for collecting the invoices will determine a suitable line of credit to issue to the business based on its lack of paying or slow paying customers.

A lender acting as a third party will purchase the unpaid invoices from a business. The lender will evaluate the value of these invoices and may issue up to 90% of its estimated value as immediate credit available for the business. Upon receipt of the invoices the 10% left over, will then be paid. Lenders will stipulate a percentage of the finances to hold back typically, less than 5%.

Depending on the financial situation the business is facing, there are specific types of financial solutions and loan options for those specific organizational or enterprise needs. By carefully assessing the requirements of your business, you can select the appropriate funding for your business.


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