Requests for Correction of Personal Information

Upon review of your request, we at BizGrow Capital will provide details concerning the storage and use of your information. If you wish to modify the personal information that we have stored, please send us a detailed email at ( It is important to understand that we follow stringent security processes and will request the verification of your identity before accessing your account or proceeding with any changes. Verification can be completed online. Contact us for alternative forms of verification.

Customers of BizGrow Capital can easily log into their account using their select passwords to retrieve and modify details as necessary.

Please note that we will be in contact upon receipt of your request.

How to Update Your Consent Requirements

You have the right to eliminate consent to the retention and the use or the disclosure of details in your BizGrow Capital account by sending us an email with the relevant subject description at ( At BizGrow Capital we are authorized to continue to retain and utilize your details after your consent has been removed where such details are needed to manage, protect and administer your personal account with us.

We complete all practices of consent in accordance with regulations

If you wish to remove your consent for the retention and the use of your personal details for advertising requirements, you will receive marketing content pertaining to that campaign if your consent was only withdrawn after the campaign was initiated.

Modifications to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy will come into effect as of (January 1, 2009). This Privacy Policy was created to replace the stipulations released by BizGrow Capital concerning personal details, collected personal information, privacy protection, and the share, use, management and the storage of such personal information. This policy refers to all personal information that was previously attained. This Privacy Policy was created not to eliminate or succeed any terms and conditions you have accepted concerning an application or account with BizGrow Capital. The former terms pertaining to such agreements must be read in accordance with this updated Privacy Policy.

It is our sole right to modify this Privacy Policy as needed and at any stage we deem fit to do so. When such updates are completed, we will post a revision of the policy and provide a clear notification on the BizGrow Capital Website. It is the duty of our online users to continuously assess this Privacy Policy and to remain aware of updates and amendments to ensure you are aware of the personal details we have proceeded to collect about you, the ways we utilize this information and the situation in which such information may be disclosed.

Please Contact Us

If you have questions concerning our Privacy Policy, please contact us. We are here to help you with accessibility to your account including the update of personal information. Simply contact us at ( or visit our Contact Us page.


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